What is a metaphor? It is a cornerstone of poetry. Metaphors provide a tangible image for ideas and emotions. And metaphors can be found everywhere, in everything seen, heard, or experienced.

Like all poets, I write to discover my soul and reach emotional truths.I love the puzzle of words. Arranging them, rearranging them, until the words make the picture I want. Poetry helps me visualize my emotions with concrete imagery.

For example my poem, “"Missing Tokens” comments on the discontinuation of traditional Monopoly pieces. I complain that I didn’t vote “to blackball beloved tokens.” Yet I continue to roll the dice and keep playing “till I’m all out of paper money.”
In recalling a trip to Bermuda and the way houses are constructed to withstand hurricanes, I am reminded “how even in paradise one must be prepared to weather storms.”
On this blog, you will find news of my most recent publications. Thank you for stopping by and for your interest in my work.