Jacqueline Jules featured as Storyteller of the Week at Storyteller Poetry Review

  “I am impressed with the elegance in which she embraces her tragedies and her eloquent creative ways of writing about her grief.   I am proud to publish these powerful heartbreaking poems from her book dedicated to her son, Itzhak Perlman’s Broken String.   Read full post here  

Manna in the Morning reviewed at Cultural Daily

"Manna in the Morning  is a collection to cherish and to gift. Jules’s poems are readable and profound. As Jules ponders Leviticus 20:26 in “You Shall Be Holy,” she writes, “‘Shall’ to be understood / as a command, not suggestion” (52). These poems are Shalls. They proclaim our connection to what has come before, rooting us in tradition, while simultaneously gathering up possibility and meaning for us to exult in, commanding us to flourish outward. They are the saplings that are planted for a future harvest, but they are also the harvest." Read full review by Alexandra Umlas  here.